Penggunaan Metafora dalam Puisi William Wordsworth


  • Puspa Sari Universitas Lakidende Unaaha


This study aims at identifying the types and functions of metaphors used in selected Wordsworth poems. It was a qualitative research and library method was used in collecting the data. The data of the study are the series of England poems of I, II, III, and IV. The data were analyzed descriptively based on the metaphor categories. The findings suggested that there are three types of metaphor used in the four poems. They were: 1) antromorphic image, 2) animal image, 3) concrete image, and synesthesia image. In addition, the use of metaphors functions 1) to balance inadequacy, 2) to express aesthetics, and 3) to avoid monotone.


Type and Function of Metaphor, Antromorphic, Image, Concrete, Synesthesia Image

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